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About Neerja International

Neerja International is the world renowned and well-acclaimed leader and largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Blue Pottery. It’s Warehouse and Showroom are housed in the Pink City of Jaipur in India.

Neerja International dates back to 1978 and was founded by the enthusiastic Ms. Leela Bordia.

Owing to her entrepreneurial zeal, she has been instrumental in creating more than 300 Blue Pottery Products and 1000 unique designs of her own vision and imagination.

The Company supports hundreds of Blue Pottery craftsmen and their families in and around Jaipur and work jointly to create a self reliant atmosphere in the villages where this craft is still professed.

Work Culture and Practices

Neerja International’s work culture and practices are based on building self reliant innumerable units right at the place of residence of the artisans itself. Since the time that Mrs. Leela Bordia started going to the villages, her whole concept was to let the craftsmen live at their own abode and do farming along with making pottery. She always wanted that the craftsmen still enjoyed their houses and farm land rather than coming to live in a cramped room in the city.

This helps the crafts people to work at your own will and wish with no pressure of time and money, to shed.

Neither do they have to take the trouble of coming to a factory workshop or some other place for creating Blue Pottery items.They can stay at home and work as well as cater to the need of the family and farming. Normally the women of the house, finish their daily chores and help their husbands in making pottery. They could be doing one of the various processes.

The company promotes new and innovative designs and items on a regular basis for the Blue Pottery items.

The company appreciates and encourages new streams of thoughts and ideas from its creative artists which give rise to new business opportunities and gains for the company as well as the craftsmen.

Novel and Innovative Ideas for Blue Pottery objects are the USP of Neerja International.

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board of directorspeople behind Neerja success

Aparna Bordia

Aparna Bordia

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Nupur Bordia

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Apurv Bordia

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Kamal Bordia

Kamal Bordia

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Leela Bordia

Mrs. Leela Bordia

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Neerja Corporate Office / Warehouse: 399A Shri Gopal Nagar, Gopal Pura Bye Pass, Jaipur, Raj, India 302018

For direction please call +91-141-2502046 , +91-141-2503812

Neerja Retail: 1 Anand Bhawan, Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur, 302001

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