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Enjoying Everyday Life At Neerja


Life in Jaipur

The life in Jaipur is robust in its nature and full of life. The walled city of the princes reflects the splendor and beauty of the ancient times. It offers a great deal to its visitors including Indian delicacies, a rich cultural experience and numerous tourist destinations in and around Jaipur. People here are very friendly and colorful in their own styles. They like socializing and celebrating each and every moment to the fullest. We find a blend of youth and the elderly enjoying everyday life in their respective ways.

Benefits and Perks

To be associated with Neerja adds a lot of perks and benefits for the all round career growth and development. Our team enjoys various facilities for their overall professional development like vestibule training, live projects, seminars, lectureships, handbooks, fun at workplace and innovative research.The other facets are accommodation, conveyance, tours, sports, movies, parties etc.

Work Culture

Being at Neerja is a lively experience and it adds essence to one's life and profession all throughout. The work environment creates avenues for holistic learning and innovation.You have the best people to assist you always.Neerja has a very splendid office area with the latest technology at the helm. People from all walks of life get together for producing the best result they can while enjoying everyday life.

Diverse Race

Neerja aims at treating all employees and candidates with uttermost respect and dignity irrespective of the race, gender, nationality, native origin, sexual orientation and religion. We embark and appreciate our blend of this diversity. Here at Neerja we value talent, hard work, skill and creativity.

The Right Blend

Neerja aims to attract, develop and reward individuals who have the thrust and passion to create change and significant contribution to the prolonged and continuous growth of our business. We recognize that our team wants to make a difference and hence providing them with the adequate opportunities, challenges and responsibilities to create a brunt.


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Neerja Corporate Office / Warehouse: 399A Shri Gopal Nagar, Gopal Pura Bye Pass, Jaipur, Raj, India 302018

For direction please call +91-141-2502046 , +91-141-2503812

Neerja Retail: 1 Anand Bhawan, Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur, 302001

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