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Indiska Group Visit to Neerja International

  • Indiska Group Visit to Neerja International

Indiska Group Visit to Neerja International

Age is no bar ever for learning enthusiasts! A group of twenty women from Sweden visited Neerja International who were all excited about this craft form and learnt not only about the nitty-gritty's of it but were also fascinated by the vibrancy and energy each piece gave out. They listened to Mrs. Bordia give the talk like children at school and absorbed every word. They later went on a shopping spree at the store after they had satiated their thirst for the knowledge on the subject.

As they were invited by Mrs. Bordia for lunch at their house, they went only to find an intriguing little grand daughter who spoke non stop in Hindi. Along with their Indian Lunch she spiced it more for them by being possessive about the seating and kept jumping about and fussing. As they were women who had grand children back home they took it sportingly. Suddenly everyone was singing "inch windy spider" as one of the ladies asked her if she knew any nursery rhyme and she decided to recite this one. It was a heart warming experience.

"Language is no barrier where hearts meet" whoever said that, we know the meaning now. With flying kisses they all bid good bye to this little girl and said to her mother that she surely would make an amazing  actor one day and they all would love to come and see her first performance.

It was an eventful day at Neerja Office and at Home!! 1985-2017. Website Design & developed by Neerja Softwares Pvt. Ltd. Hosted at EverData | Media