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Domitille Mailley

Domitille Mailley

Student of Phelma, Grenoble INP, France

An Internship in a new country, a new language; that could be frightening at first; however, my fear was relieved as soon as I began my internship.

I have been amazed by the kindness and the responsibility of all the employees at Neerja International Inc. Neerja takes great care of its workers and I was particularly able to see it in the motivation and in the happiness of the workers every day. I am proud to work for a society with such a culture and for Leela Bordia. Also, I have really enjoyed first observing and helping the workers achieving beautiful potteries and then being able to create mine as well. Thus, I could understand each step of the process and its evolution.

As a manual internship, I could not dream of a better place to be in and therefore, I am heartily thankful.

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