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Aina Joshi

Aina Joshi

Aina Joshi, 19yrs, Political Science and International Relations, Ashoka University, Haryana

Interning at Neerja Blue pottery has most certainly been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I can guarantee that it will remain so in the future as well.

Neerja’s appeal is different. Whoever works there, whether they come and go, they become a part of the family and Neerja is their home. Honestly, it is a place unlike any other.

I have experienced and learned a tremendous amount. So much that it is hard to translate it into words. Working at Neerja made me realize that it is not only about the product that Neerja makes, but just as much about the vision and passion Neerja shares with the world.

I sincerely thank Mrs. Leela Bodia for the rich opportunity and everyone else who guided me along the way!


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